Tuesday, April 8, 2014

City of Fallen Angels

       Hey I'm back. You see I'm not dead. Funny story so I split chocolate milk on my laptop. So I finally figured out a way to write again.  So me and Mac had a conversation yesterday about how slow of a reader I am, and how I am never going to finish the Mortal Instruments in time for City of Heavenly Fire, and how she would stab me if I didn't finish City of Fallen Angels and one other TMI/TID book by the end of spring break. Well good news I finished it today, I feel so proud.

Summary- With spoiler

   Everything seems to fine at first. Clary and Jace can finally make out without the weird brother/sister atmosphere. Simon has girl problems. Alec and Magnus are on vacation. That until some one keeps murdering shadowhunter, everyone wants the daylighter with the Mark of Cain, and Jace  is having the weirdest dreams and is acting very depressed.
   Simon meets Vampire Camille, who is the head of the New York clan while instead of Raphel, who wants Simon on her side so she can claim her place as leader. Then he starts to get attacked by weird strangers. The Mark of Cain protecting him, he kills them all. Mostly turning them into grains of salt. Simon also haves some mommy issues when she finds the blood in his closet and starts to shun and ban him. So he crashes with new band mate Kyle, who really is a wearwolf and named Jordan, Mia's Ex, and did I mention that he had an afar with her and Izzy, also he turned his number one fan into a vampire. Well, on the night of Luke and Jocylin(I know I spelled that wrong) wearwolf party, he fallows Maureen to a place where they find the one who has been trying to kill him, Greater Demon Lilith, Adam's first wife.(If you don't know I suggest you read Genesis.) Putting up quite a fight to revive their sworn enemy, Sebastian, the real son of Valentine.  Using Clary as bait he manages to have him drink is blood. Once being saved by Jace, he joins the others in their current state of panic.
   Clary and Jace have more than relationship problems, they have a demon-going-in-your-head-becasue-you-died-and-were-reborn-problem-and-now-you-want-to-kill-your-girlfriend problems. Jace is having strange dreams about Clary and then killing her. Not telling Clary anything he quickly befriends Simon and Jordan. Suffering form emotional trauma he finally tells Clary everything, and together they head to the Silent City. At the party she meets Jace outside and he gives her a mysterious mark and then she passes out. She wakes up to find that Jace is now a mind-controlled slave of Lilth. Using the power of love and faith she brings Jace back and he fights Lilth. Using the help of the Mark of Cain., they both defeat her. but not kill Sebastien. Once the Clave comes Jace waits on the roof while everyone as Clary goes down stairs to see her mom. Sebastian is now alive and the mind-control runes fixes and Jace is now bound and a slave of Sebastien.

My Thoughts

   Yes that is how the story ends, cliff hanger. I was going to read Clockwork Prince but I'm jumping right in to City of Lost Souls. In my opinion this is book had a lot to do with Simon and the Mark of Cain.  Not that there is anything wring witht that. I was hoping for some serious Clace moments, which we did get, but not enough. They just found out that they are not brother and sister and I was hoping for some clace but not enough to satisfy my clace craving, and then he goes missing. So no clace in the COLS! Gahhhhhh!
   In other terms I like that she used real bible stories on her writing. Not that I'm being religious or my thing, it gives fit a good sense in real life. The Mark of Cain too.  Nice adaption are the key in a book like this, where there is a hidden world in our own.

  Well that's my review. Picture fond on Goodreads.



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