Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We got nominated by three very lovely ladies for the Liebster Award, which recognizes new up and coming blogs in the community.  


1.) Link & Thank the blogger who nominated you
2.) Answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you
3.) Tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers
4.) Ask the 11 bloggers you nominated 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!

Thanks to Anne from Anne Books, Brittany from Space Between the Spines, and Gloria from Gloria the Violinist, who run some of our favorite blogs.  Be sure to check them out.

Answers to Anne's Questions

1. Did you ever haven't finished a book? Why?

A: Yes, I absolutely have.  I am a strong believer in not forcing myself to read books that I don't want to.  That's just asking for a reading slump in my opinion!

G: Yeah, because it wasn't very interesting, and I had spilt water on it, so the ink on the last pages was smeared and I couldn't even read it.

2. If you must burn one book you own, which would it be and why?

A: I'm going to have to go with Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, because I hated that book, and I hated the messages that it sent, so frankly, I would have no qualms about burning it.

G: I guess I would burn Andrea Cremer's The Inventor's Secret, because the book was horrid, and the characters were really dry, so I think that they would burn well (pun intended).

3. What is your favorite series/trilogy of all time and why?

A: The Infernal Devices all the way on this one.  Best.  Series.  Ever.

G: I'm going to go for The Mortal Instruments on this one, because it's everything that I love in a book wrapped up into one series.

4. If you could kill one author and wouldn't go in jail for it, who would you kill and why?

A: Can I just kill like, a horrible person?

G: I don't even know, what is this question

5. In which language do you mostly read?

A&G: English

6. Have you got a list with books you wanna buy? If so, how many books do you have on it?

A&G: The list is never-ending.

7. Do you take note (while or after reading) or do you just write down your thoughts while writing a review?

A: Sometimes I'll mark passages that I like, but for the most part I just gather all my thoughts after reading it.

G: Not at all.

8. Which year (school or college) are you in?

A&G: We're keeping our age on the DL.

9. What was the most horrible book you had to read at school?

A: House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer.  Worst.  Book.  Ever.

G: Watson's Go To Burmingham.  It was about a car ride.  Seriously.

10. If you could just bring three books to your new apartement, which three would you bring and why?

A: Probably the whole TID series, but I don't know.  This is hard.

G: City of Heavenly Fire, Fangirl, and Champion

11. How many books do you have in total?

A: 432

G: 91 

Now for Gloria's questions:

1. If there was one book that you could turn into a movie, which one would it be ?

A&G: Legend.  No question about it.

2. If you could meet one character from a book, who would it be ?

A: Will.  Herondale.  Are you really surprised?

G: Alec Lightwood.  I want to talk to him about Malec.

3. If you had to go live on an abandoned island, and you could take one author with you that would write books for you, who would you take ?

A: I'm going with Stephanie Perkins, because she is the sweetest, most bubbly person I have ever met.  Plus, I could read a Stephanie Perkins book every day.

G: Cassandra Clare, because I love her writing, and since she writes all these violent books, she probably knows a few survival skills.  

4. If you could become one book character, who would it be ?

A: Tessa Gray, because...Will.  

G: June Iparis, because I can kick butt and come home to Day every night

5. What is your favourite fictional world ?

A&G: We're both gonna go with the Shadowhunter world on this one.  It's so beautifully created, and wonderful that it's great.  Plus Will and Jace.

6. Where do you like reading the most ?

A: My bed

G: My beanbag.

7. What language(s) do you read in ?

A&G: English.  That's all we're fluent in.

8. How many hours a week do you spend reading ?

A:7-35 on average.

G:It depends on what my schedule is like.  

9. Do your parents ever tell you that you read to much ?

A: Yes, and I don't go outside enough.

G:Yes, I don't see the problem.

10. ebook, paperback or hardback ?

A&G: Hardback.
11. What do you prefer to read on other blogs ? Reviews, challenges, tags,... ?

A&G: Reviews.

Last but not least Brittany!

1.) If you could date one character from a book, who would it be and why?

A: Will Herondale, because he is perfection and we are already married.

G: Day, because he is amazing, brave, pure, strong, ect.

2.) You're stranded on a desert island and you are only given three books for entertainment. What are they?

A: Probably the whole TID series, but I don't know.  This is hard.

G: City of Heavenly Fire, Fangirl, and Champion

3.) What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?


G: Divergent, I cried so much because of Allegiant.

4.) What was your favorite children's book?

A: Secrets of my Hollywood Life Series.

G: Anything written by Dr. Seuss. I still love them now. 

5.) What is one genre that you don't usually read but have enjoyed in the past?

A&G:Historical fiction.

6.) What is your favorite classic book?

A: Animal Farm or Jane Erye. They are both amazing.

G: Outsiders.

7.) If you could have one book that releases within the next year early, which would it be?

A: The Retribution of Mara Dyer. It keeps being pushed.

G: I don't know. Talon by Julie Kagawa.  

8.) What was one book series that left you disappointed?

A: Requiem.

G: Inventor's Secret. 

9.) What's you're favorite "lesser known" author?

A: Cassie Mae

G: I have not read any lesser known authors because I read slow and Amber keeps recommending books by well known authors. 
10.) What's a book that you love, but no one else really knows about?

A: Third Degree by Julie Cross

G: I don't think I have any

11.) I'm going to do something a little different: instead of one more question, I'll ask those tagged to choose at least three of the blogs I've tagged earlier and follow and leave ONE comment on each. (My blog can be included, but you're not required to choose it.) Spread the blogging love! <3 span="">

Here are our questions.

1. If you were any antagonist in any of your favorite books, who you you be? 
2. If you were stranded on a desert island what character would you want to be with? 
3. What percentage of your bookshelf is hardcover, paperback, and ebook?
4. If you had to eat a character who would you eat?
5. If you had to dress up any male character like Alice in Wonderland, who would it be? (The Disney version)
6. How many book boyfriends do you have? Be honest we don't judge.   
7. If you could have any book character as your slave who would it be?
8. If you could have any significant item from any book what would it be?
9. What is your favorite book related pick up line?
10.Which author do you think is best at world building? J.R Tolkin and J.K. Rowling are not allowed. 
11. What is that one book quote you quote all the time?  

Thanks for reading and thanks to Gloria, Brittany, and Anne for nominating us!  Sorry it took so long to get around to doing it.

Amber and Grace


  1. Wow Amber, you really like Will ! XD
    I hate it when my parents tell me I read too much...
    And I would totally join you guys on your islands and read Stephanie Perkins and Cassandra Clare books all day long ! ( without parents that tell us we read too much ! )

  2. Okay I think I'm in love with your blog. First of all, you're reading the Assassin's Blade and Four which is already wow. Then you managed to mention some of my favourite books all in one post. TID, TMI, Legend, Fangirl, Divergent. And your answers are so relatable and fyi I hate that Sarah Dessen book too. Sorry to break it to you though, but I am forever team Jem.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Hey, great answers! :) There's so many tags going around lately, it's crazy!
    Will Herondale is so swoony, isn't he? But I prefer Jace, especially the Jace from the first 3 TMI books hehe .