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      Hey everyone Snick here giving you books all the time. This review is about my on the top starter of my favorite book trilogy, Legend. It and Divergent is tied. I really can't decide. I liked to here what you guys think. 

Book Talk

      OK, I am so in love with this book. It is on the top of my list. My English teacher said her son was reading it and loved it. So I bought it at Barnes and Noble that night at my little brothers school (My old school) book night. Mac was with me and said she had to read the book for BOB. She wasn't looking forward to it though. I read it told her she had to read it. BOOM! She loved it. We are so fan-girls.
       Now the book talk. The first words I read were "My mother thinks I'm dead". Not was what I am expecting. Never judge a book by it's cover though or in this case beginning. War is raging hope is dying. The only hope left is the boy who walks in the light. Day. Fighting against the republic, sorta, is there most wanted criminal having no idea what he looks like he is very hard to catch. June is the republic little prodigy. There best solder at the age of only fifteen. Day kills her brother. Is it murder? Did he kill him. Seeking revenge the little prodigy goes under cover to catch Day. Day who is hurt and running is not aware of how is life is going to change. Meeting a girl on the street. Saving her life. Falling in love. Day and June find the secrets that will change this war for ever. Do they really want to see the republic collapse though, or do they want to see it change? Find out in one of my top favorites. Legend.


       So Day has to be my favorite. He is smart, sweet, strong, brave, cute, and I'm not sure if I would consider him a bad boy. The Boy Who Walks in the light. Not to mention funny too. June I like to. She is brave, daring, sweet, strong and, dependable. The Girl Who Shattered The Shinning Glass. The republics little prodigy. I hate Tess. Period. Just had to say that.

My Thoughts

    Ok so I have already told my you I love this book but I will say it again. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! Sorry I just love it.  If you read it I hope you fall in love with it too. OK so here is my news. I have recently been reading Divergent I have fallen I love with four. That is my problem. Mac claimed four already. So Yea, but when Champion comes out she is going to want Day so I will keep him. I also have lots of good quotes for this book. I take some of my favorite lines and quote them with this app on my IPad. It is so cool.


     That is it for now. I love this book. ****Gets hit by a random chair**** Owww! I will say it once and I will say it again. Hope you plan to read this awesome book by Marie Lu. 





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