Friday, July 5, 2013

Grace-Just a thought

Marie Lu you are awesome! I new there were a lot of fan art but I didn't know that you made some. The so cool. On my second hand, I think it is a really good idea that authors post art of their charterers that they made so it can help us picture them. Thank you so much for that it is awesome. Still on the topic of fan art I really love making it. I also love the quotes from the book. I know one of Mac's favorites is " Did you set fire to ten F-472 fighter jets parked at Burbank air force right before they were heading out to war front? I'm kinda proud of that one." I like it to but it is not my favorite. I really like "Forever kid until your sick and tiered of seeing me." Any way that was my post. Marie Lu you rock. Please fell free to comment. I love to hear the eaters (You people. Get we are cookies. Ha Ha.)  favorite quote from the book.  If you have not read the book PLEASE do us a favor and read it.

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