Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Kane chronicles The Red Pyrimid



       Hey every one snick here sorry I have not posted in awhile. Been really busy with swim, art camp, and I was at the beach for 2 weeks with out a internet for one and with out the lap top for another. This is my book article about the Kane chronicles.
       Book Talk
        When I think magic I think bunnies, hats, nerds, wizard, show, wand , and ever since I read these  books Kane, Egypt, and The Kane Chronicles. You start off with Sadie Kane waiting for her dad with her cat muffin and Carter Kane,Sadie's older brother, in a taxi going with his dad an archeologist to pick up his sister when they pass the London needle. The same place where their mom died. The kids don't know exactly what happened but after that their lives change forever. After getting picked up Sadie and Carter go to the museum where their dad was going for work. Were they find that their dad releases the Egyptian gods on to the earth from a magical place called the draut trying to bring back their mother. After being captured by Set ,the god of evil, Julius Kane is power less. With there help from their uncle Amos they make it to the Twenty-first Nome. Not something you put in your yard. This giant invisible mansion to normal humans is the place where Sadie and Carter learn about their family, train for battle, meet Khufu a Baboon butler, and live. Will Carter and Sadie ever see their dad again? Will the world end? Find out as you read about Carter and Sadie's adventure meeting new friends and learning new magic. The Kane Chronicles.
  When I think of the Kanes I think about Carter and Sadie. Two teens with magical powers from Egypt.Carter is a 14 year old boy who travels a lot with his dad, who is an archeologist, digging up artifacts from Egypt. Always being home-schooled so he has no idea how kids his age dress (No offense to home schooled kids) he always wears a button down shirt, khakis , and dress shoes. He holds the amulet and sprite of Horus, the falcon god.
           My thoughts
         Sadie I really have come to like. She is a feisty 12 year old rebel or better know as the queen of magic. Always having her hair dyed different color streaks though it is a nice caramel color. She grew up in London with her grandparents with her cat Muffin. She usally wears a some worn out jeans, a leater jacket, and combat boots. She holds the amulet of Isis, the god of mother hood and love.
      My favorite god has to be Neith  the huntress god. She is sly and  a little bit crazy. Anouther part I love about this book is the Chapter names. They are so funny. Sadie has to be my favorite character. I love her rebel personality.
      That's it for now if you like this book you should read it all. I will make book talks form them. I don't really go in any order. So yea. Please comment. I love to hear from the eaters and other fellow book lions.

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