Monday, July 1, 2013

My Boyfriends-Amber

Here's a conversation I had recently that I think you guys would be interested to hear:
M- Me  T-Them
T- Do you have a boyfriend?
M- Yeah lots of them.
T- Really?
M- Yeah, I mean, you mean fictional boyfriends, right?

So guys, am I right? I have tons of boyfriends. You know, the males in books that you fall in love with.  Well here are mine:
Stephen Joyce- Gilda Joyce series
Eadric- Frog Princess series
Jonas- Princess Plot
Xander Carrow- Matched trilogy
Theo Boone- Theodore Boone series
Four(John Smith)- I Am Number Four series
Nine- I Am Number Four series
Sam- I Am Number Four series
Casper- Kiki Strike series
James Murphy- The Program
Tobias(Four) Eaton- Divergent trilogy
Will- Divergent trilogy
W.W. Hale V- Heist Society series
Max Darby- Bright Young Things trilogy
Finnick Odair- The Hunger Games trilogy
Zach Goode- Gallagher Girls series
Day- Legend trilogy
I think that's all for now but as I read more books I will definitely continue to update.
Love, Amber

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