Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blogmas Day 4 - The Great Twilight Debate

So everyone knows the opinions surrounding Twilight and I thought that I would throw in my opinions for you guys.

Now, personally, I love Twilight, its one of my favorite series.  I feel like a lot of the hate that Twilight gets is from Harry Potter fans who say that it is horrible and Harry Potter is the best thing to ever exist.  But can we just separate Harry Potter from Twilight for a minute. Because they are absolutely nothing like each other so how is it fair to compare them to each other.  Yes the movies were terrible but the movies didn't have the same feel as the books so just give it a chance and if you don't like it that's fine but don't judge it until you've read it okay? Okay.  Now I'm going to stop rambling but seriously take this into consideration and leave your opinion inn the comments.  Thanks for reading!


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