Sunday, December 15, 2013

Character Interview-June

               Hey Grace here this is a character interview with our favorite prodigy, June Iparis. We will ask a series of questions and have June answer them.

S:What is your favorite color?
J: Gold because it reminds me of my Day.
S:How do feel about Metias being gay?
J:............ The only problem is that what would our parents think.........
S: How do you think Day is in Bed? 
J: ...... You people ask weird questions. Well, AMAZING! He is just so great. 
S: Are you and Day dating again?
J: Yea we are dating again. He is starting to remember me a little. He remembered that one night.......
S: Enough about Day. Omg I can't believe I just said that... Do your bangs ever get in the way?
J: Yea sometimes. I was running once and my bangs got in my eyes and I ran right into a pole.
S: So if you ever get married do you plan to have kids?
J: Maybe, It would be nice. It would be a lot of work though. 
S: Ok that's it for today. Bye June! Tell Day I said hi. 
J: Ok bye.

*Later that night*

      "Hey sweet heart, how was the interview?" "Those people were weird. They asked how you where in bed." ..........."What did you say?" "That you were amazing." Day smirks and wraps his arms around her. "Good to know."

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