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Going Down in Flames Blog Tour

Going Down in Flames by Chris Cannon
Release Date: 06/30/14
Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads:
If her love life is going down in flames, she might as well spark a revolution. Finding out on your sixteenth birthday you’re a shape-shifting dragon is tough to swallow. Being hauled off to an elite boarding school is enough to choke on. Since Bryn is the only crossbreed at the Institute for Excellence, all eyes are on her, but it’s a particular black dragon, Zavien, who catches her attention. Zavien is tired of the Council’s rules. Segregated clans, being told who to love, and close-minded leaders make freedom of choice almost impossible. The new girl with the striped hair is a breath of fresh air, and with Bryn’s help, they may be able to change the rules. At the Institute, old grudges, new crushes, and death threats are all part of a normal day for Bryn. She’ll need to learn to control her dragon powers if she wants to make it through her first year at school. But even focusing on staying alive is difficult when you’re falling for someone you can't have.

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Zavien stood behind a table labeled Wilderness and Survival Training. He gestured with enthusiasm as he spoke to a group of dragons that included several Blues. Bryn moved closer to eavesdrop.
“Camping is a wonderful adventure. We teach you how to survive in the wild. You’ll learn to catch fish, clean them with your own hands, and cook them over an open flame. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.”
Zavien grabbed a twelve-inch, serrated knife from the holster on his belt. “Let me explain the proper way to gut a fish.”
The Blue dragons turned away with expressions of horror. Bryn strolled into his line of sight. “Are you trying to appear criminally insane?”
Zavien twirled the knife in his hand. “I’ve no idea what you mean.”
“Those are new.” She pointed at the lip rings he sported.
Reaching into his mouth, he pulled out several magnets. “I thought they were a nice touch.” He made a yuck face. “The magnets taste terrible.”
Ivy sidled closer and cleared her throat.
Bryn took the hint. “Zavien, this is Ivy and Clint. We met on the tour.”
Zavien’s lopsided grin made an appearance. “Nice to meet you. Any friend of Bryn’s is a friend of mine.”
He assumed a lot.
Ivy smiled. “We thought we’d adopt her. She has good hair. All she needs is a few tattoos.”
“The filthy mongrel needs dog tags,” drifted out of a group of students passing by. Cruel laughter followed.
Fists clenched, Bryn glared at the students laughing at her expense. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t set their hair on fire.”
“You don’t want detention your first day here.” Zavien returned the knife to his holster. “I assume you’ll all join my group.” He passed out application forms.
Hands shaking, Bryn reached for a pen. Zavien placed his hand on her shoulder and gave a reassuring squeeze.
That helped, a little. “What other group will cause me the least amount of pain?”
“My friend, Nola, runs the theater and stagecraft groups. Come on, I’ll introduce you.”
She followed him over to a table with a large, colorful banner that proclaimed, “Theater students are more interesting than normal students.”
Sitting on the table was a woman who resembled a dark- haired Barbie doll.
Clint stepped forward. “I’ve always been interested in the theater.”
“Really?” Nola said. “What’s your favorite part?” “The beautiful women.” Clint winked. Nola chuckled and pointed at Zavien. “Did you teach him that line?”
“I wish.” Zavien clapped Clint on the shoulder. “That was good.”
Clint puffed out his chest with pride. “Thanks, I try.”
A tingling sensation crept up Bryn’s scalp. What now? After scanning the sidewalk, she located a group of older students staring at her. She reined in the urge to flip them off. Instead, she took a membership form for the stagecraft department and filled it out.
Ivy passed her another piece of paper. “Sign up for the theater department, too.”
“No, thanks. I’m already onstage.”
“She’s right.” Zavien moved to stand between her and the group of students. “She doesn’t need to draw more attention.”
Nola checked her watch. “It’s time to close up shop.” She collected her papers and pens and placed them in a floral fabric bag. “Why don’t I take you on a tour of the theater?”
“You three go ahead.” Zavien placed his hand on Bryn’s arm. “We’ll catch up with you.”
Clint, Ivy, and Nola walked off down the path.
“Come help me pack my stuff.” Zavien headed toward his Wilderness and Survival Training booth.
When they reached his table, she helped him collect his papers. “Is this where I get my secret decoder ring so we can pass messages back and forth?”
“No,” Zavien said. “This is where I ask why you approached Jaxon Westgate.”
His expression wasn’t angry, but his tone of voice was.
“I didn’t know who he was. He was next to me in line, and I thought it would be nice to get to know
some people. I had no idea he was Ferrin’s son.” Her stomach rolled as she remembered the encounter.
“You didn’t know who he was?”
“No.” The note of disbelief in his voice ticked her off. “You don’t believe me?”
“Sorry. It seemed odd.”
“Welcome to my life. Odd is an understatement.”

About the Author
I love reading and writing snarky, kick-butt characters who take on the world and win.
My truths: You can never have too many books, shoes, or purses.
Coffee is the Elixir of Life.

There should be a National Nerf Bat Day where you are allowed to whack annoying people upside the head.

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